Simulator Test: RZN HS-Tour Against Titleist Pro V1 (Garage Golf property)

Simulator Test: RZN HS-Tour Against Titleist Pro V1 (Garage Golf property)

Thanks to Garage Golf Channel for their excellent technical comparison among our RZN HS-Tour golf ball and the Titleist Pro V1. We hope you really enjoyed our golf balls. It’s a pleasure for us to share your video on our website and mention your channel on our social media platforms.

RZN HS-tour against Titleist Pro V1


On the video they test out the new brand RZN HS-Tour Golf Ball meant for higher swing speed golfers against the Titliest Pro V1 using the Uneekor EYE XO View Software.
They bring Danny in to test out both balls using a 56 degree, 7 iron and driver. The RZN HS-Tour is priced roughly 15 dollars lower per box than the Titliest Pro V1 (according to the video comments).

The results are really interesting for them; we invite to you to watch the video on their Youtube Channel. And here you have some of the comments they made after having tried both golf balls:

“…Also a little bit more on price, because this golf ball is for a 12 pack you’re looking at $ 34.95. That’s a pretty good price for what we call an elite or tour golf ball and if you compare that against Pro-V1 which is about 48 $ ”


RZN HS-tour against Titleist Pro V1 results


“…To be honest, it was kind to say that each ball felt similar when it came to the feel, the look, and the way my club was reacting. They definitely felt similar.”

Distance shots RZN against Titleist golf balls


We definitely invite to you to see the video, and subscribe to their Youtube Channel:


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