RZN MS-Tour Golf Ball Review – Driving Range Heroes

Review RZN MS Tour

RZN MS-Tour Golf Ball Review – Driving Range Heroes

RZN MS-Tour Golf Ball

When RZN Golf says the MS-Tour is a medium swing-speed three-piece ball, make sure you heed that advice. Going through the RZN online fitting system, it suggested the MS-Tour as my second option, and realistically, I should have gone with my intuition but I wanted to see how the recommendation worked out. If you have a faster swing speed, the MS-Tour will not have an optimal feel for you. Yes, the MS-Tour is in fact pretty soft and and plush around the greens, but it’s also soft off the tee. In my case, it felt too soft off the tee. That said, I have to imagine for lower to medium swing speeds, there would be a nice little pop in the feel with a comfortable and versatile compression.


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