Review about RZN Golf Balls from Rick Shiels

Rick Shields, Nike Golf Balls are back

Review about RZN Golf Balls from Rick Shiels

Great review from Rick Shiels Youtube Channel of RZN GOLF BALLS:

“Nike Golf Balls are back, but this time without the swoosh. Let me explain.”

This is the way that Rick Shields begin to explain how RZN Golf Balls Technology is on the market again.

Nike golf balls are back. From Rick Shields Channel.


He continues making a real comparison among the old Nike RZN and our brand: RZN GOLF.

If you want to know more about Rick Shields and our golf balls, please, click below on the video player and listen.

If next, you are interested on trying our golf balls, go to our shop. We can send our product to all Europe, or to USA. If you are in another country, please, ask about our suppliers.


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