Choosing your golf ball: Types, Layers and game

Choosing your golf ball: Types, Layers and game

Brands are currently struggling to cover a broad range of audiences. From the distance or introductory level balls, to those aimed to enhance performance and control. Since the market now has a wider offer ; , it is important to find the right ball, for your game, and to maximize value.

When choosing a golf ball you should take into account the ball own components such as the material of the cover, the compression and / or the number of layers. But one of the most important factors, is your swing, as it will determine your level of play.

What´s inside a golf ball?

When we talk about the layers of a ball or the parts of it, we basically refer to the two parts that make the ball. These are the core and the cover, nowadays due to the progress the sport has made we can find multiple cores or even mantles to support the cover, which give the ball greater, speed, control, feel and aerodynamics in the game.

Core: it is the impeller and motor of our ball. It is generally made of rubber however the RZN technology its know for using highly advanced thermoplastics.

Cover: corresponds to the outside of the ball and is responsible for the flight of the ball, as well as the effect. It is on the cover where the spine or behavior of the ball originates, caused by the dimple pattern it has.

Any of the new generation ball, with several layers and mantles, is suitable for expert players, but the more layers, the higher the price, and not all players need that precision or control. They may have more need for speed or distance, if his swing has not evolved enough.


MS Tour and HS Tour: Two balls, for two types of player

For professionals with a medium swing, the MS Tour is perfect, consisting of three pieces with a soft urethane cover and 3D speed lock technology. Provides a smooth and powerful twist. Also, it allows to obtain long distances with total control, before any iron or driver.

But if speed is your thing and you are a high swing player, your perfect ball is the HS Tour, a four-piece ball with a soft urethane cover and an external 3D resin core, a ball made with cutting-edge technology, which provides the player an explosive distance. 


             MS TOUR: BUY NOW                                           HS TOUR: BUY NOW 


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